5 Self-Care Tips for Living With Parkinson’s
Published: June 27, 2024

By A. Danelak

July 24 marks International Self-Care Day!

Self-care is typically described as activities that help you live well and improve your
physical, mental and emotional health.

While self-care is important for everyone, it’s especially crucial for folks with complex
health conditions like Parkinson’s Disease (PD). A consistent self-care routine helps
keep things in balance when there are so many variables in our day-to-day lives.

We’ve compiled five easy self-care tips to follow (make sure to read all the way through
the list for the most important tip of all!):

1) Stay active.

As you know, regular exercise is key for PD, helping to prevent bone loss and improve
stiffness, muscle strength and mobility (not to mention the cardiovascular benefits, too!).
Check out our Winnipeg exercise classes for folks with PD.

2) Eat a well-balanced diet.

Choose a nutrient-rich diet to ensure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need.
Check out U-Turn’s webinar with registered dietician and diabetes educator Dawne

3) Prioritize sleep.

Practice good sleep hygiene. Make your bedroom an inviting space with dim lighting
and comfortable bedding. Start winding down a few hours before bed, limiting screen
time. Finally, stick to a sleep schedule so you are going to bed and waking up around
the same time each day.

4) Practice activities you enjoy.

Hobbies and other fun activities are a great way to manage stress and give yourself a
bit of a mental break. You can also engage in yoga, meditation and/or mindfulness
exercises to further support your wellness.

And our favourite self-care tip for people living with PD is…

5) Find your community!

According to Harvard, research increasingly shows that strong social ties are crucial to
your brain health. Socializing can stimulate attention and memory, and help to
strengthen neural networks.

That’s why communities U-Turn Parkinson’s are so important, helping you take care of
yourself by learning, connecting with other folks and of, course, getting in some

We offer a number of in-person and online groups to help support you in facing this
disease—together. Socialize, share resources, and discover new friendships with others
who understand your journey, all while working toward better health.

That support also extends to caregivers, too. Our Care Partner Support Group provides
a safe, supportive community where caregivers can freely share their experiences, ask
questions, explore resources and gain insights from others who face similar challenges.

You are not alone. A supportive community like U-Turn makes the challenges
associated with PD more manageable and can help you live your best life.

Visit our Resources page for even more helpful tools and tips.

Andrea Danelak is a local Winnipeg writer with a personal connection to Parkinson’s. You can find her online at or on Instagram at @wordnerd_wpg.