U-Turn Parkinson’s Community Blog Guidelines 

Please Submit Entries to: info@uturnpd.org with your name and preferred release date (if your post is date specific: World Parkinson’s Day, Parkinson’s Awareness Month, etc). Posted entries will include your first initial and last name as author.


The U-Turn Parkinson’s Community Blog contributes to furthering the mission of U-Turn Parkinson’s by ensuring the voice of people affected by Parkinson’s disease is integrated throughout U-Turn Parkinson’s programs, initiatives, services, and areas of work. This blog is a way for people living with Parkinson’s to share, educate, learn and connect with others impacted by the disease. 


  • Please ensure your submission is no longer than two pages, single spaced or exceeds 1,000 words. You may also submit short, one page pieces of 500 words. 
  • If you have submitted content with quotes, please include citations (citations do not need to be formal citations; a link to website, the person’s name, or the book will do!)
  • Please utilize credible sources for blog material. This can include government, non-profit websites, journal articles, medical institution content (Mayo Clinic or Stanford create excellent posts on different symptoms and conditions). 
    • Look for sites that end in .gov, .edu etc. Click here to learn more. You may also link to a news article, etc. if appropriate. 
    • Always try to validate information located on one site with corroborating information on a second, and different site.  
    • Please try to avoid blogs, opinion sites, social media posts without sources, etc. If you are unsure of the credibility of a source, feel free to email us and we can review the source. 
  • Please ensure your content has been proof-read ahead of submission, error free and grammatically correct, to the best of your ability. 
  • Based on recent research, and through communications with our Community Advisory Committee, there is great interest in content surrounding Parkinson’s symptoms and personal stories of people living with Parkinson’s. We highly suggest using these parameters as inspiration when working on your submission. 
  • You can use National or World Awareness Days as inspiration for your posts.

U-Turn Parkinson’s reserves the right to edit and reformat blog submissions to ensure clarity and precision.

Blog submissions are received at any time throughout the year, however we’ll be staggering the release of content and including some in our monthly newsletters. If your submission is date specific, please indicate so when you submit.

By submitting content to be posted on our blog, you are agreeing to abide by the following community guidelines. U-TurnPD reserves the right to not post or delete blogs if they are deemed to violate these guidelines.

Please Submit Entries to: info@uturnpd.org with your name and preferred release date (if your post is date specific: World Parkinson’s Day, Parkinson’s Awareness Month, etc). Posted entries will include your first initial and last name as author. 

 We ask that you:

  • Keep blog content related to your personal experience of Parkinson’s disease
  • Don’t post anything that contains any material that is abusive, vulgar, obscene, hateful, hurtful, fraudulent, unlawful, threatening, or harassing towards any person or group.
  • Don’t plagiarize
  • Don’t defame others
  • Don’t submit content that  promotes products or services
  • Don’t submit third-party content without permission unless you are permitted to do so by copyright law (short excerpts are able to be used for the purposes of research, private study, criticism, review, news reporting, education, satire, and parody – should mention the source and author).
  • Don’t submit, promote or allude to any medical advice in your content
  • Don’t submit any material which may be discriminatory or cause offense on the grounds of an individual’s or group’s sex, race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or working status
  • Don’t impersonate anyone else, including, but not limited to, any U-TurnPD staff, blog editors, or journal editors, or suggest that you have an affiliation with a person or association if you do not

You are responsible for the content that you submit. 


  • You own the copyright to the material you submit, but you agree to grant us perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to publish your entry on any media.
  • You agree that you will not submit any copyright material or intellectual property that is not your own without the express permission of the copyright or intellectual property holder unless permitted by copyright law, in particular permitted as fair dealing (e.g. short quotations from a text for the purpose of criticism).
  • You may add links to internal or external sites within your submission but you agree to remain responsible for any links you add. We reserve the right to remove any links we consider inappropriate.


We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time. The current version of these Guidelines will always be available on this page. If you are uncertain about anything in them, please email us at info@uturnpd.org.

We will try to ensure the Website’s availability, but shall not be liable if for any reason the Website is unavailable for any period.


Content posted on our blog is that of the author listed and does in no way represent the views of U-Turn Parkinson’s. 

Thank you! We look forward to reading your submission.