Champion Someone Living With Parkinson’s and Do Good Every Month of 2024!

Canada Helps is boosting every donation made before midnight tonight with a 1% match, PLUS your donation will automatically be entered in to win an extra $1,000 to support Parkinson’s wellness!

This past week at Golden Gloves, (the U-TurnPD boxing and HIIT class I participate in every Monday and Wednesday), our coach had us work in partners instead of individually, as we typically do. You wouldn’t expect this change to make such a notable difference but does it ever!

 There’s something about having a partner working hard alongside you, that really helps you do the same. When your partner completes a rep, you complete a rep. When they pick up the pace, you work to keep up. You motivate one another to ‘stay in the game.’

 We need partners in life. We need people who will help push us forward and remind us that we’re capable. We need it in our exercise classes, in our personal relationships and in our Parkinson’s community. 

 At U-Turn Parkinson’s, we call them our “Champions.” They are our constant encouragement, the continuous push forward and the repeated reminder that together, we can live well with Parkinson’s. They are individuals who have chosen to donate monthly.  

 This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to be a Champion for someone living with Parkinson’s. 

 Maybe someone like Sylvester who was diagnosed at 46, has just seen his first child leave for university and his second enter grade ten. He is concerned that he may not be able to put both his kids through university. However, we know that we can help him increase the odds of that happening by helping him live his best. 

 Or perhaps you want to be a Champion for your mom, grandpa or friend who lives with PD. 

 Maybe you participate in classes regularly at U-Turn Parkinson’s, recognize the need to support this important PD specific programming and simply want to Champion the cause. 

 Decide who you want to Champion and then do something good every month of 2024 for someone you love by becoming a monthly donor. 


Giving Tuesday is November 28, 2023. Whose champion will you be?