World Suicide Prevention Day September 10, 2022
Published: December 21, 2022

Creating Hope Through Action 

Through this year’s theme, we aim to work together to create a movement of preventative action, to recognize the impact of suicide and ultimately, strive to prevent it. At times, the work of suicide prevention can feel overwhelming, but even small actions can make a huge difference. #WSPD2022 #CreatingHopeThroughAction

How to Help

The power of coming together and reaching out to each other is immeasurable… It can save lives.

When someone is struggling…

  • Check in with them regularly to see how they are doing;

  • Listen supportively to what they have to say;

  • Remember that you don’t have to have all the answers;

  • Know and introduce them to resources in their area, if they need additional support;

  • Be prepared to assist them in finding information, but don’t take over as that may reinforce their sense of helplessness.

  • DO refrain from discussing means and methods as this can make it worse. If the person identifies/ thinking about suicide, ask about the availability of means or methods but don’t suggest any.

  • DO talk about suicide in terms of: died by their own hand – died by suicide – attempted suicide – DON’T use obsolete vocabulary including committed, failed, completed, successful.

  • DO remind people that healing takes time and care.


NEED HELP? For more Resources:

Resources are available to you and your community. Search the CASP Support Services Directory by clicking “NEED HELP” on our website: