Behind the Scenes: The Walk to U-Turn Parkinson’s!
Published: May 30, 2024

Behind the Scenes: The Walk to U-Turn Parkinson’s! 

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to organize our fundraiser walk! As you lace up your sneakers and gather your team and family for a day of camaraderie and support, there’s a bustling world of preparation happening behind the curtain. Here’s a glimpse into the whirlwind of planning that transforms a simple idea into an impactful event:

It Starts with an Idea: Our team and fundraising committee envision a fundraiser walk to support our U-Turn Parkinson’s free of charge, accessible, programs and services. Passion fuels the journey ahead!

Strategic Brainstorming: With the vision in mind, the team gathers for strategic brainstorming sessions. We determine the goals of the event (in this case, fundraising and building awareness), map out logistics, choose a date and location, establish fundraising goals, and define the overall theme and messaging of the event. We are fortunate to have excellent partners in the Whyte Ridge Baptist Church. They have an amazing space to hold our event rain or shine! We made sure to avoid local team home games and summer dates, as participants would be looking to take a vacation, go camping, or be near a lake.

Mobilizing Volunteers: Behind every successful fundraiser walk is a dedicated army of volunteers! From helping with registration, swag distribution, to helping serve lunch volunteers are the unsung heroes who make it all possible. We are lucky enough to have our program volunteers, but also a list of dedicated event volunteers who aren’t always available during class times but still look to get involved!

Community Engagement: Building momentum within the community is crucial. Outreach efforts through email, social media, and local press releases drum up excitement and encourage participation. Engaging sponsors and forming partnerships further amplify the event’s reach and impact. We also reach out to our key partners to ensure they are able to attend the event and reach the Parkinson’s community!

Sweat Equity: As the big day approaches, the planning team kicks into high gear. They’re finalizing logistics, coordinating with vendors, ordering supplies, and ensuring that every detail is meticulously planned for a seamless experience. There tends to be some equipment pickups and final meetings at this stage!

Day-of Execution: The culmination of months of hard work, the day of the fundraiser walk is a whirlwind of activity. Volunteers arrive early to set up registration booths, a water and coffee station, and signage. Participants trickle in, buzzing with anticipation and a shared sense of purpose.

Celebration and Gratitude: As participants get started with the walk, there’s an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and community spirit. The event isn’t just about fundraising; it’s about coming together as a community to make a difference. Our lunch ceremony honours top fundraisers, sponsors, and volunteers, expressing heartfelt gratitude for their contributions.

Follow Up and Reflecting: Once completed, the team must clean up the event, send thank you letters to all community partners and sponsors, we must organize donations and organize contact information for tax receipt. The planning committee also take a moment to reflect on lessons learned and successes achieved. We gather feedback from participants and volunteers, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, we begin laying the groundwork for next year’s event, eager to continue making a meaningful impact.

So, when considering participating this year, keep in mind all the amazing work our team and volunteers put in to make it a successful event! 

If you would like to get involved in supporting our fundraising walk, reach out to our Program Coordinator with U-Turn Parkinson’s at 204-510-4869 or

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.” — The Dalai Lama

Written by Taylor Devlin, Executive Director