Men’s Health Month
Published: May 30, 2024

Recognizing Men’s Health Month

June not only marks the official start of summer (woo hoo!), but also Men’s Health Month.

International Men’s Health Week also takes place from June 10-16, making it a great opportunity to practice preventative care and develop healthy habits. We’ve compiled some tips to live your best life while managing your Parkinson’s disease (PD). 

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Choose a nutrient-rich diet to ensure you get all of the vitamins and minerals you need. People with PD are often prone to osteoporosis, which means you should incorporate foods high in calcium and vitamin D.

Check out U-TurnPD’s webinar with registered dietician and diabetes educator Dawne LaChapelle, as well as other our nutritional resources for people living with PD.

Finally, make sure to drink lots of water, especially on those hotter summer days or when you’re physically active. That leads us to our next tip…

Get moving!

At U-TurnPD, we offer a variety of physical activities and wellness programs to help slow the progression of symptoms. You can also access pre-recorded videos to follow at home or while traveling.

Physical activity doesn’t need to be limited to the gym, either! Choose activities you enjoy, like playing with your kids or grandkids, to stay motivated.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation recently released a new exercise resource—Make Your Move: Exercise for Brain Health and Life with Parkison’s—that we encourage you to check out. It’s written by PD and exercise experts, and informed by regular conversations with the PD community. Find it on our Resources page.

Manage your Parkinson’s. 

Book regular check-ups with your health-care provider, and don’t overlook any new symptoms you may be experiencing.

Everyone faces a different journey when navigating their PD, but these tips will support you in practicing healthy habits throughout Men’s Health Month and beyond.

Visit our Resources page for even more helpful tools and tips. For more information on Men’s Health Month and related resources, visit the Men’s Health Month website.